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Compliant, fast, secure, and responsive website design for doctors

Years ago, it was hard to build the first impression for doctors as they can’t make it before someone visits and get treated by them. But today, things are changed and got a bit easy. Now, first impressions can be usually developed from the website where people visit, learn your skills & expertise, and can form an opinion about your profession. At Hukumat Networks, we help you create the best first impressions through an effective and highly converting website that attracts more patients as soon as they come across your practice. If you want us to develop a compliant, fast, and responsive website for doctors, contact us today and let us help you with everything for more conversions.

Bespoke website design services for doctors and individual practitioners

If you are a private doctor or an individual practitioner, you must know how a website can improve your online visibility and help gain more patients. We know many doctors have to work on different clinics and follow a hectic routine to manage both private and NHS duties, so they rarely find time to create their own website and practice individually.That’s the reason, we are here to ease the burden and helping doctors to create their own medical website so they can manage their own small clinic and attract more patients towards their practice.With Hukumat Networks, you get bespoke website design services for doctors through which they can maintain a strong web presence and maintain the first platform for lead generation.So, if you are planning to open your own small clinic, or just want to publicize your medical practice, a powerful medical website can do the job! And we are the right experts to manage it efficiently. Contact our website design experts for doctors, and discuss your goals for reliable guideline.

Design, build, and launch a brand new website for doctors

Website design for doctors involves a lot of creativity and aesthetics that inspire people from the moment they land onto your web page and start discovering everything about your practice. So, in addition to making an attractive website, we are also focused to create secure, fast, and user-friendly website for doctors that be accessible from every device. Our website design for doctors include


We create attractive websites with an inspirational aesthetic appeal that converts patients as soon as they come across your services.


Our expert team follows algorithms that deliver lightning-fast speed and enable your website to load within the first 3 seconds.

Mobile friendly

We create mobile-friendly designs so you can easily zoom in and zoom out every element on mobile without getting disturbed by alignment or layout issues.

Compliant with medical standards

We understand that health-related or doctors’ websites are a little different from traditional sites, that’s why we strictly follow all the medical standards before creating your website.

SEO friendly

An attractive website is not so helpful if it’s not optimized well for search engines. Because if Google is unable to rank your site due to SEO issues, then you won’t be able to attract more patients looking for your help. Thus, we follow some of the best SEO practices that rank your site high on search engines and offer more visits and conversions.When you partner with Hukumat Networks for website designing, you will be connected with a dedicated account manager who will update you about all the activities. You can share your concerns and he will guide you and describe every aspect that leads to rapid development.

Best website design practices for doctors that give excellent results

We follow several incredible website design practices for doctors that help them gain valuable leads and visits in a short time. Some of the best practices we include

Informative and interesting website

We make your website easy, informative, and interesting so your users can easily find all the required details. We highlight your contact details, hours of operation, location and main specialties as these are the primary reasons your patients will visit the site, so we mention this information on every webpage for a more enhanced experience.Another reason patients will visit your website is to learn more about your specialty and practice. We make sure to add a complete bio of yourself on the website, which makes your practice authentic and makes people believe that you are a legitimate and qualified doctor. We also mention cancellation policies and add rules for making an appointment.

Topic-specific webpage for further interest

If you already have a website that describes your practice but do not have more than 4 pages, then you are doing less to attract more patients. Countless elements can make the practice special and important in the eyes of patients. So, your website offers a golden opportunity to mention everything that can help people to choose your help. We create pages for your website that defines your goal and describe everything in detail so your users can get a complete idea about how you work and what makes you special.Unlike others, we don’t mention all the topics and specialties on one page to create an overwhelming look. This practice is not good for SEO or either attracts visitors. We make sure that our team creates an individual page for each practice you offer. This helps people learn more about themselves as a doctor. Furthermore, we also create pages for appointments, contact forms, and quotes.

Make easy navigation

Having separate pages for each topic on your medical website is definitely the best practice that engages users for a long time which may reduce the bounce rate of your site as well. However, this won’t be much help if your website has difficult navigation and your users need to spend time to scroll each page.We build your medical website by keeping one goal in mind, and that is to convert more patients when they land onto the webpage. Thus, we follow easy navigation patterns so that your patients can easily find their desired information without getting lost. Because if the website offers a difficult user experience, your patients may end up the site without giving it a second look.Now just because you are aware of the website design you have and know how to navigate it properly, doesn’t mean that your patients will also be able to do it. Our experts consider the main demographic of all the patients and ask others to visit the site and scroll through different pages. We get honest feedback from people and ask how easy it was to navigate all the pages. This simply helps us make some valuable changes that can increase user experience and help them discover more about your practice.

Secure with SSL

The security of your website is more important than anything, and we maintain this by providing free SSL certification that gives HTTPS protocol to your website. It keeps your website secure from malicious attempts and protects it from all the viruses and threats that can create harm to your website. Moreover, people who visit your website would also feel more assured that the site is safe to use and nobody can steal their information.

Create a clean website design

Would you invite people to your clinic if things are messy, unorganized, and cluttered? Obviously, No. That’s what you should feel about your website too.Because your website is the main extension of your clinic which defines your specialty in a written form. That’s why our experts make sure they deliver the best message to the patients by ensuring the website looks organized, clean, and perfectly managed.

Effective calls to action

All the pages of your websites should have a clear call to action that compels users to take the next step. Because when the patient is finished reading your About section, it’s important to keep him busy so we give them one more call to action ‘learn more’ that will involve him in reading more.We create clear calls to action on every page that helps the user navigate from one page to another. For example, after giving all the details about your specialty and practice, you need to convert the user by asking them to fill the contact form or book an appointment. Our experts know how to create effective calls to action through which users can decide about their next move.

Addition of contact form

The addition of a contact form is usually one of the best practices for the doctor’s website, but this is also frequently overlooked. But we don’t exclude anything that has great significance, so we add contact forms in your site so your patients can easily leave their details before closing the site.Because we believe it’s not enough to mention an email address for the patients. It simply adds up to the more duties of the users, which reduces the possibility that they will contact you. However, when you have a proper contact form on the website, users won’t leave the site without adding their details if they really mean to connect with you.

Responsive website

A responsive website has now become an important need of every business, regardless of every industry, including medical! Responsive design refers to the website that looks good on every screen type including tablets, laptops, and mobile. Your website should be adjustable no matter what the size of the screen is. We make sure that your medical website has a completely responsive look that allows patients to see the same content and graphics whether they are using mobile or tablets, zooming in or zooming out and like everything is adjustable according to their screen size.Responsive design is important for the medical field because several people are viewing your website from mobile and tablets and when they come across disturbing alignment, they immediately switch back and find another relevant site. So, without a responsive site, a large number of patients will lose interest and may never visit the site again. That’s why we take special care of every element so we can satisfy your patients from the moment they visit your site.

Cohesive design and compelling message

We do not strive hard to create a cohesive and attractive website design for doctors, but we also tend to create a compelling message for audiences that grab their attention from the moment they across your website. All the pages have consistency in design, fonts, color schemes, and images. Because we understand that inconsistent style may confuse patients and make them feel that the website is not authentic or managed by experts.

Represent your practice well

Besides creating attractive, functional, and converting websites, we also make sure that your website represents your practice well, and according to your specialty. We strictly avoid using some free or cheap graphics that spoil the look of your overall design. Our designers make high-quality photos and use real images of your office so that your patients can never develop unrealistic expectations when they come and visit you.

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