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Are you a doctor looking to build a strong relationship with your patients? Tap into social media marketing strategies for doctors that can help you with everything.

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Social media for doctors - An innovative approach to reach new patients

The way people approach their doctors or physicians is totally different today than a decade ago. With great evolution in technology and medicine, patients also tend to explore everything about the condition they are experiencing. They ask questions, explore answers about their symptoms, disease, and other queries. That’s the reason, they need a platform- like social media that can help them conveniently address everything.

Thus, social media acts as the best channel that clears all the queries as well as a platform to generate more leads. At Hukumat Networks, we help you with dedicated social media marketing for doctors that can streamline your communication with patients and offer more reliable assistance.

Stay connected with a huge patient population through social media marketing services for doctors

Social media marketing services offer a valuable way to reach new patients, build a strong relationship with all new & existing patients, as well as promote their practice in front of a massive audience. Now doctors tend to use social media marketing so they can encourage everyone to pursue a healthy life by attracting them towards useful tips and solutions.

That’s precisely why our experts advocate for leveraging social media platforms as prime avenues to drive targeted traffic and generate leads. Studies reveal staggering user bases on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. With approximately 165.58 million monthly users on Facebook and 60 million on Instagram alone, the potential for effective Instagram marketing for doctors is undeniable.

Due to that tremendous popularity, it would be insane to not utilize social channels for your medical growth. At Hukumat Networks, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling all the social networks for doctors so we can bring huge traffic and engagement within months.

Contact us to know more about our social media plans for doctors and get a custom strategy for instant growth.

Why doctors need social media marketing?

There are endless reasons to use social media for your medical practice, but the main reason is to interact with patients and engage them through your content.

People love to get useful information about health, lifestyle, and medicine. They explore different sources that can give them authentic information about the symptoms they are experiencing. Thus, social media marketing provides a way that can help them with all news, information, and updates they are looking for.

By keeping these points in mind, our social media experts for doctors build pages on every social channel, share news and health information, and write articles on different topics that can give huge details and make your channel a huge source of information for patients.

Discuss, share, and advice through social media channels for doctors

We believe social media marketing is valuable for discussing diseases, sharing advice with a group of patients simultaneously, and giving tips to cure the disease.

For example, if a massive audience is suffering from seasonal flu, we post content and start a relevant discussion to engage the community and help them through tips and suggestions. Like a few months back for our doctor client, our team started numerous discussions on Covid-19, created articles, and recommended certain tips that can heal patients from the pandemic disease.  This helped us bring hundreds of followers in one day and raised engagement rate by 85% which in turn lead to more likes, shares, comments, and of course, leads.

Not only that, but we also take part in different group discussions and interact with similar pages that are helping & healing people. This practice helps us build more fan following and increased visits.

Thus, social media is highly effective for doctors that can fill the pipeline with multiple prospective patients looking for help. Contact our team today and find out how we skyrocket your clinic’s growth in a short time.

How social media marketing is helpful for doctors?

We believe that your medical practice should have good relationships with patients. That’s what we make possible through social media marketing for doctors, we help you strengthen relations with prospective patients while increasing engagement on your profile. Here we have highlighted how social media marketing can be more helpful for doctors.

Increased online visibility

Social media management is quite a daunting task for people who have the least knowledge and ideas. Our marketing team knows the importance of each social channel, as only Pinterest has more than 100 million daily active users who can get to know your profession through engaging images and visuals. Facebook has the biggest target audience as it has more than 1 billion active users that can see your posts through effective Ad campaigns. That’s why we prefer to create Ads, content, and engaging posts that can brilliantly increase online visibility and give more credible results within a short time.

Enhanced user engagement

Social media is a super effective source that creates dialogue and smooth communication with your followers. We post stories, comments, and different updates that encourage more and more people to respond. We also ask questions, run polls, and others manage other activities that increase the  engagement rate on your social profiles. We interact with followers, discuss their health issues, and advise them to develop a better sense of understanding about a healthy lifestyle. This helps us build strong connections with patients and they would always like to approach you in the future.

Build high authority

As we start discussions and manage conversations with followers on social media, we help you establish credibility, expertise, and more engagement. Every time our experts answer any query, share a useful article about health, and present innovative ideas and tips, we make your practice looks more authentic and credible which acts as the most legitimate source of information for prospective patients.

Social media marketing strategies for doctors that bring healthy results

We create a powerful social media strategy that helps you stay connected with old and new patients and also maintain a positive impression in the long run. Social media marketing is an ongoing process so our experts manage ample efforts and time to reap the benefits of social media for doctors. That’s what we include in our social media marketing strategy for doctors.

Promotion of all social channels

Today, a growing population of patients tends to use social media channels to stabilize their health, but that doesn’t reflect the fact that they will immediately follow you on all social channels and start believing in your skills. They may even take ample time to know you and trust your skills. That’s why we maintain strong credibility of your profile on all the social channels so you can easily get recognized in the huge community.

Our experts contact & follow buttons on your doctor’s website, which enables people to follow you on every channel they want. We also include the same links at the end of emails we send. Also, our experts make an online brochure and create appointment reminders to help people know more about you. When the visibility of your online profile will increase, you will automatically start getting leads and calls.

Share interesting and informative content

For doctors and patients, social media channels are most useful for sharing advice and asking for help. Hence, our experts create and share content that specifically addresses all the concerns of patients and advise them on numerous health issues, which in turn helps your profile to grow and have increased engagement rates.

We share ideas and content that attract a vast community. Our content includes blogs, articles, press releases, and social updates that mesmerize audiences due to their unique nature. Our expert team of writers creates regular social posts that build interest and engagement that leads to more followers, likes, and comments.

Monitor activities and pages regularly

We know it’s hard to keep up the challenges of maintaining practice while focusing on social media growth. Because social media is not some kind of activity that can be managed during spare time, you need to post new and engaging content to maintain the number of followers. So, if you are a doctor or physician, probably it’s hard to manage social media during your practice timings. That’s why our experts take the responsibility of managing everything and deliver results beyond your expectations.

Our team is responsible for creating interesting social content, posting replies to comments, answering messages, and measuring all the social activities on your behalf. We have worked with multiple doctor clients so we know the ins and outs of all platforms that further make us the best choice for your online marketing program.

How social media campaigns for doctors help?

Today, more and more patients use social media channels so they can find interesting and informative health information, interact with doctors, and communicate more with people having similar problems. According to recent research, more than 35% of people prefer using social media just to share and discuss health-related information.

That’s the reason, our experts use all the social channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube so they can interact with the audience who have the same problems and health issues. This way, we can engage a wide audience and help them become your regular follower. Hence, we create social media campaigns for doctors so they can interact more with people and convince them to use their help in the future for all health causes.

With Hukumat Networks, you can enhance your medical practice by creating more awareness about your profession through multiple social media channels. Contact us today and see how we build helpful campaigns for your target audience.

Why we are the #1 social media marketing company for doctors?

Social media management has now become the most popular and effective technique that helps gain thousands of followers in a month. But the fact is, the technique is just much more than sharing a single update to your business page or adding an attractive image for likes and comments.

Our experts at Hukumat Networks dedicate ample time in research, analyze the competition in the medical industry, use different proprietary software, and run free and paid campaigns to make the most of social media marketing. We share unique and interesting articles that are trending and describing the current situation, which everyone wants to read. This eventually maximizes the rate of engagement, comments, and shares as more & more people took an interest in the news and considered it helpful for their health.

Each week, we tend to find some informative articles and trending topics that define your specialty and help us grab the attention of maximum people. When we share the articles with a vast community, people react, follow, and share the news on their own profiles which further boosts your profile and engagement rate. Providing valuable and in-demand content helps us increase your followers and build more trust and credibility among the target audience.

All-in-one social media marketing solutions for doctors

With Hukumat Networks, you will get all-in-one social media marketing solutions that are packed full of benefits. In addition to getting hundreds of leads and followers, you will also get

  • Exposure on the best social platforms that are popular worldwide
  • Professional built social profiles, custom logos, display pictures, and cover photos
  • Regular postings on all the social media channels that engage the wide target audience
  • Create and promote top trending articles that discuss your specialty and educate people more about your skillset
  • Share valuable information and participate in discussions for the promotion of your clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a solid social media marketing plan for doctors?

Social media marketing is an advanced practice that can give you immediate results. We believe patients tend to develop a good understanding and relationship with their doctors or physicians. So, they seek help through different channels that can offer them more benefits. Hence, social media is the right platform that can help build solid relationships between prospective patients and doctors. But to that efficiently, you need a concrete social media marketing strategy that can win hearts and deliver exceptional results in a short time.

So, if you want to incorporate social media channels in your practice, but don’t know how to start and manage things, we are here to help! We have proficient and experienced social media marketing experts with years of knowledge and experience in crafting powerful marketing strategies across different social platforms.

Let’s start the process of helping and healing by building your campaigns together and find out how social media marketing can prove to be a great help for your medical field.

Get in touch with our professionals today, and get a smart custom strategy for doctors’ campaign.

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