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Are you exploring incredible ways to reach people in this advanced digital world and bring more foot traffic to your flower shop? Let’s get started with florists’ social media marketing.

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Show your floral creations worldwide with social media marketing for florists

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are growing tremendously and helping business owners to drive maximum relevant leads for their company. With millions of active users on every social media platform, there is no definite limit about how many customers you can potentially reach for your business.


Especially if you belong to florists’ services which is one of the booming sectors these days, you need to strive hard for increased brand awareness and maximum online traffic which ultimately leads to increased sales and ideal conversion rates. That’s why social media marketing is here to offer a comprehensive strategy for long term growth. Confused why this marketing technique is beneficial for your company? Give us a call and let’s explore further.


Why is florist’s social media marketing best for your flower shop?


If you are a florist, you must understand that engaging customers with colorful floral visions and organized arrangements of flowers are the basic key to your success. With florists social media marketing, you do not only have a chance to talk about your flowers openly, but you can also show them several beautiful and innovative flower arrangements- which is definitely a great selling point.


Since social media pages reach billions of customers every day, one engaging post in front of the right target audience can increase your sales exponentially.


You cannot only use social media channels to share photos of your flowers but also add useful links to your floral website. Our social media experts help you display coupons and announce special offers as well as display seasonal bouquets to showcase your quality of services. Besides that, we also share information about flowers in the upcoming season, so people can take interest and consider you a reliable source of information.


Tested social media strategies for florists for maximum reach and exposure


There is no absolute limit about how many social media channels you can use for promoting your floral business. That’s why, we build profiles on all the social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Here is a brief overview of how our social media posts lead to more conversions.


Posting photos & videos


You are selling colorful, delicate, and stunning flowers, which are loved by almost every person using social media. That’s why, we believe that posting photos on social media channels can incredibly increase your reach because pictures engage people and do not only promote your services.


We also post photos behind the scenes, before you arrange them in bouquets, and also create a video about the whole process from start to finish.


Our experts also post pictures of your satisfied customers holding a beautifully finished bouquet, collage of colorful roses, and close up pictures of brides holding your white and red roses.


Running paid social campaigns


Running paid ads on your social media channels is another effective method to expand your reach and persuade people about buying your beautiful flowers.


Our experts launch compelling ads that follow a proper bidding system through which we can select what keywords should be included in the ad that can bring more visits to your profile, and how much amount you should pay when someone clicks your ad.


The attractive element is, you don’t need to pay if your ads are not clicked which makes paid social campaigns a most favorite technique of today’s business owners.


Our experts create ads on all the social channels and determine which platform can bring more targeted visits and clicks.


Special seasonal offers


People love discounts and special offers, especially when it’s some seasonal offer like Valentine’s day or Christmas.


That’s why our experts take benefit of these occasions and help you create the best offer to attract people and gain maximum traffic with the help of internet marketing of florists.


We include an attractive picture along with the arrangement which is available with a discount and also includes a compelling title that encourages people to click on the website to find out more information about the deal or offer.


Manage surveys & polls


Our experts manage different surveys and polls, so we can capture multiple email ID and phone numbers to reach maximum people out there. This also helps us get in touch with people who are taking the survey, which enables you to keep them top-of-mind whenever they want flowers.

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