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With more than 33,000 floral stores in the US, it looks like the floristry market is fiercer than ever. So, how would you ensure that your flower shop is earning the most revenue?

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Bring genuine leads and traffic to your website with SEO services for florists

Whether someone is looking to surprise his loved one with a birthday bouquet or presenting spur of the moment flowers as a kind gesture, florists are here to serve everyone with their adorably arranged flowers in the bouquet. In fact, you will be shocked to hear that floristry businesses earn more than $7 billion in the US every year, which makes them one of the booming industries in the world.

With such fierce competition in the market, it’s getting important for floral businesses to show up whenever people plan to buy flowers online. The best technique to manage this efficiently is- search engine optimization that appears your site at the top for most competitive keywords. Give us a call to understand the process for excellent results.

Why does florist SEO matter to improve page rank?

With such great competition in the florist’s industry, your flower shop needs to beat all the competitors and appear as the most reliable businesses in search engine results. Because if the company is located halfway down the search engine results, then users would not be able to find your services, which means nobody will click your website and make purchases.

But if your website is successfully ranked on the first page of search results, then you will be able to receive 33% of clicks. More interestingly, less than 12% of the audience will scroll below and move to the second page of Google- which means it’s still not helpful if you are ranked on the second page.

Another good reason SEO matters for your florist’s business is, you can increase your brand recognition by writing down on the topics that appeal most to your audience. Our experts create content which is equipped with competitive keywords so your website can rank high on search engines.

Let’s say people love to explore about tulips and roses, and its spring season, so we create articles on these specific areas to attract more people for your florist website.

That’s the reason, our experts strive hard to appear your florist website at the top of the searches so you can drive more sales, more clicks, and more revenue. If you are still not sure whether you invest in this strategy, give us a call now and let us clear your doubts.

Proven SEO strategies for florists that guarantee high traffic on your website

If you are looking forward to increasing traffic on your website, get more leads & conversions and sell more flowers every day, then you have landed on the right page! Because we have a team of seo florists specialists who incorporate powerful SEO strategies that deliver guaranteed results in a short amount of time. Have a look at our important strategies:

Create long and SEO friendly content

SEO-friendly and long-form content help you rank in search engines- and without this, it’s quite hard to snag the top spot in Google or even any position in search engines.

As you know content is king, so in order to rank your website, our experts craft extraordinary content that proves why you are better than other florists in the market.

We start by writing down about your services. Like if you make custom arrangements, or create standard ones, your services are good for what specific occasions, and whether you deliver outside the country or not.

Giving answers to these questions in your content makes your services special than others because we are informing users about your services and specific areas in which you deal. We also write content for special flowers you offer on different occasions, how to take good care of fresh flowers, and how you can increase their lifespan.

The fact is, search engines love long content, the more we write, the more chances to bring your website higher in searches.

Consider long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords consist of more than 3 phrases that can simply help you gain the top spot in Google due to their specific nature.

The interesting part is, people who are using long-tail keywords are more likely to buy flowers from your store. Some great examples of long-tail keywords are, “the best florists in New York” and “flower delivery in New York”, “same-day flower delivery” and “flower shop in New York”.

We also take general keywords like ‘florists near me’, but when we target long-tail keywords, it makes sure that we are driving qualified leads and traffic to your website who is already looking for florists in their town.

Deliver the best user experience

Google tends to deliver the best possible experience to its audience every time. However, this is based on the uniqueness of your content and how you make it more interesting and informational for users. But the best user experience also depends highly on the overall functionality of your website.

This basically means that search engines consider all the elements such as page speed, user-friendly navigation, choice of using multimedia, and other SEO optimized elements on your website.

Local SEO

Local SEO is another most important strategy that can give your website a top position in map search results. Local SEO is usually based on location-based keywords. For example, ‘local flower delivery’, ‘local florists near me’, ‘best funeral flowers in New York’, and many more.

One of the best tactics we use in local SEO is, we create free Google my Business listing which helps your flower shop appear in search results with all the basic information such as your business name, location, contact details, basic services you provide, operating hours and much more.

This helps your audience analyze the effectiveness of your business and also helps them locate your shop so they can visit in-person.

So, if you want to increase local purchases and visits for your flower shop, consider us to implement local SEO tactics that can take your business to the new heights of success.

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