What is Google 3 Pack and How To Rank On It?


Google 3 Pack


Recently, Google has changed the presentation of the search results desktop. Now they look more like mobile search results. Local Pack 3 is now visible in all organic search results for all devices.

 This is a pretty big deal. But Why Google 3 Pack and What is it? Here’s a brief overview of the Google 3 pack, along with many other facets of ranking high on it. Be sure to check it out!

What Is Google 3 Pack?


When Google identifies that the search query has a “local destination,” the first search results will include three local businesses appearing as a group or “pack” carrying a map of their business locations. This pack for local businesses appears right after the paid ads and before organic search results.

Now, how do you really get yourself recognized up there? If you want to outsource the task, look for someone who is experienced with the local SEO. You can reach out to us at Hukumat Networks and we will definitely help you out

Can The 3 Pack Affect Your Business?


Since the Google 3 pack is the first to allow potential customers to find a product or service, it’s easy to see how linking your business or customer’s business to the 3-pack can be a HUGE reality to the reach first Page of search engine results.

In fact, the first, second and third search results achieved 24.48%, 13.81% and 9.5% clicks respectively that makes a total of 47.79% clicks, according to the Advanced Web Ranking. So if you associate this with the fact that there are more and more mobile searches than desktop ones, you can easily see how important the Google 3 package can be!

Keep in mind that the package of 3 is completely dependent on the location of the finder and the terms they are looking for. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that a company will be shown in the 3 Pack. 

What we can do, however, is to look at how you increase the likelihood that you will appear to your potential customer in the 3 Pack when someone in your area is considering to go for your product or service.

Do you want a high ranking on Google’s Local 3-Pack? With the help of Hukumat Networks, you can definitely reach a valuable position for businesses with a local presence.

Now the question arises that how do you attract your business to be featured in the 3 Pack, as you focus on integrating your business into the Google 3 pack, here are some significant keys to unlocking the 3 Pack.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing


In Google Maps Local 3 Pack, optimizing your My Business Listing is the best place to start your business. You might want to include as much information as possible in your list and Google makes this task impartially easy. Because you no longer have to enter a description, you can enter all the necessary information about your company in a simple and clear way.



Some of the important information in your GMB list might include the current payment details, mentioning the exact business hours, fresh images and a high resolution of your company. Do not forget to hire a photographer for an indoor street view tour. 



Select specific categories for your business. Lastly, make sure that no one has hijacked your listing and added a link to their website, as this is likely to happen.</br


How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


  • Request your listing.


  • Remove all duplicate listings.


  • Use the current name of your business. Do not add a residence name or keyword unless you always include it in your company name.


  • Ensure that your address matches the address that appears on your website and in other folders.


  • Keep a local number for use, not a toll-free number.


  • Make sure to use the correct main category.


  • Be consistent with the selection of your main category for all locations.


  • Regularly add a profile and cover photos.


  • Add other relevant images.


  • Mention opening hours.


  • Link to the placement page on your website if you have multiple locations. Use your home page if you only have one location.


  • Use a login email address that you link to your domain name.


Realize The Value Of Backlinks


As for great SEO, backlinks still rule. If you want to rank locally, having a strong link profile remains a critical factor. Receiving backlinks can be obtained in different ways, for example, by displaying your website in local directories that focus on your business, having a strong presence on social media, or even contributing content to high-quality websites. 

There are also excellent link-building tools available, that Hukumat Network is very well familiar of and will accomplish the task for you.

How To Get More Links To Your Website


  • Choose to get your site listed in local directories and directories that relate to your niche. However, make sure you have correct location permission.


  • Promote incredible content. It must be much easier to say than do. Examples include white papers, infographics, cool widgets that people want to share, and so on.


  • Create a local resource list.


  • Use tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic SEO for building links.


  • Contribute to the content of a high-level website. This is best if you do not log into your own website in the biography. Also make sure that your site contains a useful page, such as a source page. It appears more natural.


Get More And More Positive Reviews


Online reviews have been widely used by consumers in recent years. Google follows this trend and attaches great importance to Google’s positive feedback on the rankings of Local 3 Pack.  

While the goal is always to gain a good reputation, you can get yourself an idea about Local 3-Pack by simply asking the customers to give a rating. It’s worth noting that the sooner a review is given, the better.

Google relies heavily on your business’ star rating to rank companies in the Local 3 Pack. Therefore, encouraging reviews are important.

Some Ways To achieve More Reviews Include


  • Send them an e-mail and ask for a quick review of your product or service on Google.


  • Call your customers and write what they say. Ask them if it is ok to add their review to your website.


  • Do not offer incentives when this is not necessary. Most people will do it for free.


  • Do not wait too long. Try it in the days after someone might have received your product or service.


  • If you are shy to ask, blame the SEO manager for your rankings. The person will probably appreciate your openness.


Use A Local Contact Number


Although it sounds incredibly easy, it’s important that your business uses a local phone number. While you can offer a nationwide service primarily through a toll-free number, keep in mind that the Local 3 Pack was designed for you to rank locally. 

If you appear in a local search result of 3 Pack, it is likely that the searcher is near you and not on the other side of the country.

In addition to tracking your local phone number, you need to make sure that your NAP information stays consistent on your website, GMB list, review pages, and offers.

Have A Mobile-Friendly Site


It is important to remember that 80% of internet users have a smartphone and while the primary use of mobile web activity continues to enjoy preference for applications, the time spent on websites is constantly increasing. The number of mobile searches with local intent has even increased explosively in recent years.


When developing a mobile website these are the three most important things recommended by Google to keep in mind. Help consumers achieve their goals. 


Measure the effectiveness of your website to the ease with which it is easy to do its job. Prioritize common tasks that users perform on your site and simplify their task by using a responsive design.


With this in mind, it is essential that your company has a mobile website. The Google Maps Local 3 Pack also takes into account the mobile responsiveness of a website ranking. So, if you want to position yourself in this area, you have to start considering to be mobile-friendly.


To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly


  • Initially, you need to confirm if it is already compatible with mobile devices. You can confirm through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.


  • Do not create a separate site for mobile only. It is more work and you may encounter the content related issue.


  • Use a responsive website layout. This type of layout automatically adapts to any device. Drupal is an excellent platform for that.


  • Keep the font size to at least 14px. Less is all too small.


  • Try using larger buttons. If they are too small, it will get difficult to click on it.


  • Use the Meta tag viewport. It tells the browser that the page should fit on the screen.


  • Try to include the “View Full Website” alternative for people who favour this browsing mode.


  • Periodically review the mobile usability section of Google Search Console. Make sure you do not have mobile errors.


  • Use YouTube for videos, not Flash. Flash does not work on mobile phones or tablets.


Use Unique Content For Each Location


If your business has multiple locations and you are interested in each Google Maps Local 3 Pack listing, take steps to ensure that each page has an individual identity. 

This goes beyond simply placing the location in text modules on your different pages – you want to make sure that you have unique content suitable for each location.

There are several ways to do this, including customer reviews, offers, or content from your employees and photos related to your location.

To Create Unique Content For Multiple Locations


  • Display photos and quotes of employs showing why they love to work for your business. Or why they find it best living in that location? Or a nice and interesting little biography about it.


  • Ask the site manager to write something without consulting the website first. It will probably be different from what already exists.


  • Add photos of that particular location with a brief description.


  • Provide some background information about this site, how it all started. What was there before your company moved there?


  • Specific customer reviews at this location.


  • Provide a list of local customers who use your products or services.


  • Add a small section enlightening why you enjoy working in that particular city and what you like about the people who live there.


How To Rank In The Local 3-Pack More Easily With Hukumat


If you have your website in the local 3-pack of Google Maps, you get a major boost in traffic and by following some of these SEO trends, this can be achieved. A good SEO expert like Hukumat knows these methods.


 If you are finding a consultant on such matters, we can save your time and energy while generating significant traffic for your website and business.


To fully maximize the online reach of your local business, you must be at the top of your search results for your targeted keywords. This process is proven to be the easiest and least expensive way to attract more customers to your business, so contact us and avail these cost-effective services.


As mentioned earlier, it is a big struggle to optimize your local business in a tough competitive environment. However, if you look at the best tips for ranking in Google 3 Pack, you can progress slowly but if you want ultimate success sooner, don’t wait further and just leave us a message. Hukumat is there for you!


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