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High-performing lawyers website design that competes with big players

Most lawyers believe that their website is an online brochure that highlights their practice details and other jurisdictions so that people get ideas before contacting them personally. However, that should not be the only reason to have a website in today’s dynamic marketplace where the internet has become a global network interlinked with all the industries. Anyway, designing a website is not only important to highlight your service specifics but should also compete with big players while positioning yourself as a leader in the legal community.


At Hukumat Networks, you get a chance to design or redesign your lawyer website that drives more visits and leads while delivering the right message to your audience. How? Let’s find out more by scrolling through the bottom!


Why do you need a website for lawyers to meet your unique practice goals?


When it comes to creating a website for lawyers, you consider a lot of points that can make it look unique, authoritative, and spectacular. Hence, coming up with the exact design you have in mind is usually impossible for most firms today. However, that’s not the case with Hukumat Networks. We have a team that has sound knowledge and expertise in designing a lawyer’s website that can help meet specific practice goals while ensuring a strong online presence.


Did you know a single bad experience can push 80% of clients away from your website? This means you are missing out on a huge volume of traffic and leads who are never coming back to your site, just because your website is not delivering an excellent user experience.


That’s the reason, we make sure that your website conveys the right message while positioning yourself as an authority in the legal community. Drop us a line and share whatever you have in mind regarding your website design requirement.


What are the top strategies implemented by lawyer website design companies?


When you work with Hukumat Networks for unique website design, you can get a website that fulfills your specific requirements and is equipped with all the necessary design elements that ensure robust growth and sustainability in search engine results. Here we listed our top strategies for excellent website design.


Responsive website matters


Yes, that’s true. Responsive design matters to fight against big competitors in the industry. The reason is, more than 67% of traffic usually visits your site through mobile devices, and if your website is not looking fine and loading completely on mobile devices, then you are definitely going to lose the majority of leads. 


With a fully responsive website for lawyers, you can make sure that your site loads properly across every device such as a tablet, desktop, laptop, and tv, and your audience is not required to pinch-zoom any element to check details. Because if they are required to do so, they feel more frustrated and might leave immediately in search of a better user experience. 


Therefore, Hukumat professionals follow all the advanced and reliable mobile optimization techniques that help load your site easily across every device. When people access your site through mobile, the size and format will be automatically adjusted to their screen size. This ensures maximum dwell time, an increased interest rate.


Above all, responsive websites are more likely to rank in search engine results because Google loves websites that entertain people across every device and browser.


SEO optimized design for lawyer’s website


No matter how appealing and attractive your website is, if it’s not optimized in search engines, and people are not able to visit it, then it means your website is not optimized according to SEO practices.


SEO optimized websites are more likely to rank higher in search results because they feature keywords used by your ideal target audience. When users enter those keywords to find your law practice, they come across your website which increases your chances to interact with maximum people and convince them to use your services.


Since more than 90% of searches begin online, so if your site is missing from search engines, then it’s quite challenging to gain potential leads and visits. 


That’s the reason, our experts integrate top-notch SEO practices to your website while adding keywords that can potentially rank your site higher among competitors. Besides that, we also optimize your website for local searches by targeting location-based keywords so we can ensure that you interact with maximum local audience who need your assistance.


Engaging content creation


This is another effective element that makes your website the desired choice for all the relevant people. If your website is conveying a solid message in a user-friendly and clear way that truly reflects your practice, then it might grab maximum audience attention while keeping them engaged for a long time.


Since we have an expert copywriting team, we provide effective, engaging, and well-written copy that persuades the audience and gives positive influence about your practice specifics.


Not only that, but we also include long tail and competitive keywords in content, so your website ranks high in search engine results.


Robust security you need!


The security of your website is another significant concern that should be at the top of the list. By keeping these points in mind, we provide a free SSL certificate to your site that activates HTTPS protocol which makes sure that your site is free from malicious hacks and spamming attacks. 


It basically protects your information and user’s data. With SSL incorporation, your audience can confidently enter their personal details without the fear of losing any information.


Besides that, we also follow some strong security measures that meet today’s specific requirements to make your site safe and secure for the audience. With SSL implementation, Google ranks your site high in search results as it’s intended to provide an enhanced user experience to all the visitors.


Fast loading speed


Is your existing website loads slowly and make people wait for minutes?


Well, this is definitely not a good practice and push people away within seconds. Especially if your website takes more than seconds to load, then your audience will never visit the site again and immediately push the ‘back’ button for an enhanced experience.


Therefore, we make sure that we follow advanced page optimization solutions that enable your site to load completely within the first 3 seconds. This practice ensures maximum traffic, more exposure, and increased dwell time by the audience. Because when all the images and content are loaded in seconds, people take an interest to explore every page and check details that could benefit them.

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Ready to upgrade your website or start a new design from scratch?


So, now you understand why an effective website is important for your practice, so it’s time to create a website that caters to your goals and boost leads and clients in no time.


Contact us to grow your legal practice and take it to the new heights of success through a successful website. We are happy to help!


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